DNA Ready Ink

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Revolutionary INKcrypt® DNA allows users to accurately authenticate and track their own ink and INKcrypt DNA tagged items *. Whether the ink is applied on documents, checks, labels, packaging or directly on an object in use PASS/FAIL authentication is a matter of seconds and can be performed by anyone, anywhere using an INKcrypt Test Strip. "INKcrypt DNA Ready" means that a unique DNA marker has been added to an ink cartridge and/or ink container or was applied on an item. The INKcrypt DNA is referenced by an INKcrypt ID (IID) which appears on the ink container/cartridge or an item as an alphanumeric code and QR barcode for manual entry or mobile scanning. Once the IID is entered into the myINKcrypt authentication platform, activated and profiled by the user, the ink and ink tagged items are tied to the owner and use profile. Now any item and substrate which carries only traces of the ink can be authenticated using ink specific INKcrypt Test Strips available after specifying the activated IID during test strip purchase. With activation, the ink owner or register item owner receives a re order code which allows users to place repeat orders for ink containing the same customer specific INKcrypt DNA marker. Non Activated IIDs expire 12 months after ink shipments . Basic authentication service is Premium features ($9.99/month) include:
  • View real time counts of PASS/FAIL/TOTAL test events
  • Enable map view of test events
  • View log of test events: time, location, tester email and mobile number (if enabled)
  • Enable Tester direct Communication Options by Email and SMS Map View of myIKcrypt Authentication Activity
* INKcrypt DNA Ready ink is available for MICR black and invisible fluorescent Red, Green, Blue ink.

Ink + INKcrypt® DNA = INKcrypt® DNA Ready Ink

NOTE: The addition of INKcrypt DNA has no effect on an ink’s physical properties and print performance. It simply offers the ink owner an option to Activate and gain access to many valuable additional benefits and security features.
Map View of myIKcrypt Authentication Activity