DNA Ready Ink

Privacy Built In!

Eliminate Counterfeiting & Protect Your Brand It’s Free!

What is INKcrypt?

INKcrypt is the lowest cost, safest and quickest method to accurately authenticate and track items anywhere, anytime, by anyone.

What does INKcrypt do?

  • Eliminate Counterfeiting & Fraud
  • Track & Revolutionize Supply Chain
  • Enhance Loyalty & Promote Brands
The INKcrypt DNA Ready seal indicates presence of registered DNA markers.

INKcrypt Facts

  1. INKcrypt DNA is based on proprietary DNA marker technology.
  2. DNA markers enable effective authentication, tracking and item protection.
  3. Each marker is tracked by an INKcrypt ID once included with ink container, cartridge, spray etc.
  4. Over 10^18 --(one million trillion) distinct markers are available for unique item tagging.
  5. Ultra low INKcrypt DNA marker concentration (~0.01%) makes INKcrypt DNA safe for human health, the environment and eliminates possible change of target fluid properties.
  6. INKcrypt ® is a registered trademark and based on patented technology.
  7. Guarded trade secrets and techniques protect INKcrypt DNA from reverse engineering.